In a few words


25 years experience in culturing microalgae
and the transformation of algae into innovative ingredients for several markets.

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An unlimited mine of innovation

Active Ingredients

Using biotechnology, GREENSEA is developing the immense potential
of marine and freshwater vegetation for the creation of cosmetic substances
which are totally innovative.

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A wide variety of crops


The aquaculture sector is growing fast, 7% per year in the world as a whole.
Here, microalgae are used as forage food in the so-called “green water” technologies.

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Markets of fluorescent pigments


GREENSEA has perfected the entire procedure for the production of these fluorescent molecules,
from the controlled culture of the alga right up to the highly purified molecule.
This makes for a product of very high added value.

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A Unique Expertise

Research & Development

Research and development are the fuel of the company
and allow to innovate on the markets
and to meet the specific needs of customers.

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