In a few words


25 years experience in culturing microalgae
and the transformation of algae into innovative ingredients for several markets.

History of the company

In the context of protection of a unique environment, and thanks to the vision and work of Yves Pietrasanta (Mayor of Mèze and President of the Languedoc-Roussillon region at that time) the year 1981 saw the inauguration of the first lagoon facility on the shore of the Bassin de Thau in Mèze. Research studies carried out on the development of phytoplankton and zooplankton derivatives led, in 1988, to the creation of AQUAMER, a mixed economy company whose main activity was the production of young filter feeding molluscs. During 1992, the company diversified into the production of microalgae, and for more than 15 years was actively involved in research into the industrial application of this field. In 2005, the purchase of AQUAMER by GREENTECH group marked the decisive turning point in the development of the enterprise, which eventually became known as GREENSEA whose clearly defined aim was to make Greensea one of the recognized leaders in the production and applications of microalgae.

Late 2009, as part of its investment and development policy, Greensea started to consider the purchase and upgrading of safety standards on the “Mèze“ site to meet the requirements of the markets and the quality demands required by its customers.

In early 2011, the vision of the development of the site and the building requirements needed for Greensea’s activity were defined with the first concern to being respect of the environment and integration of renewable energy.

The company in a nutshell:

  • 25 years of experience in microalgae cultivation and processing of algae for innovative ingredients for several markets.
  • Integration activities “from the culture tube to the commercial ingredient”
  • A large collection of microalgae and cyanobacteria including many exotic or extremophiles strains
  • A dynamic research and development group working in a proactive manner.
  • Special expertise in the physiological orientation of selected cultures of microalgae
  • Industrial biological cultures in a controlled environment
  • Production capacity involving 3 types of closed systems (photobioreactors)
  • Reliable quality control and traceability
  • A worldwide network at all levels: R&D, business, production, collaboration, marketing, supply
  • The benchmark of microalgae in France and one of the leaders in Europe

Based at Mèze, in France, since 1988, GREENSEA is a company operated by enthusiastic professionals, specialized in the large-scale culture of marine and freshwater microalgae (phytoplankton) and in the development of marine vegetation extracts (algae and marine plant life) with high added value.

Thanks to 25 years of expertise

Its ability to innovate, its production workforce and to investment, today it has a broad range of commercial products with turnover constantly on the increase.

  • Live biomass (microalgae and zooplankton) directed towards the aquaculture sector
  • Extracts of natural compounds, both from the sea and from fresh water for the cosmetics sector,
  • Fluorescent pigments targeted at various applications (food, cosmetics, health)
  • Dried micro and macroalgae and extracts for food additives and for the food industry in general.

The strenght of a group


In addition to its product catalogue, Greensea also offers customised ingredient solutions and development projects for its clients.

Greensea’s strength lies above all in the dedication, the vision of the future and the professionalism of its collaborators, also in training courses for a variety of complementary fields such as aquaculture, biological engineering, chemistry or business management.

Greensea is a company dedicated to R&D innovation and its practical application covering thus various industries such as cosmetics, nutraceutical, aquaculture, pharmaceutical and energy. We strive to provide our clients with critical products and services to enable them to reach their R&D and production goals.

We also work with others to combine complementary skills and strengthen our R&D platform for success in meeting a common goal: from lab to market.