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The aquaculture sector is growing fast, 7% per year in the world as a whole.
Here, microalgae are used as forage food in the so-called “green water” technologies.

The aquaculture sector is growing fast, 7% per year in the world as a whole. Here, microalgae are used as forage food in the so-called “green water” technologies.

Their richness in proteins, lipids, vitamins and active compounds suggests they may be a possible substitute for grains and fish oils.

By means of aquaculture and through maintaining aquariums, Greensea R&D can offer a broad range of variety in culture, concentrates and dry extracts from phyto- and zooplankton of considerable nutritional value.

Expertise and mastery of primary production:
the Greensea “Une” Multidisciplinary Team.

Our phytoplanktons, produced under industrial conditions, are perfectly suited to larval growth programs. Production with EU Principles Based Regulation (PBR) controls is a guarantee of quality and permanent traceability of our live product. Our quality control system allows for the delivery of monospecific biomasses of consistent excellence and with added value in various sectors, where the health and well-being of the products destined for the stock offer uniform biosecurity. Checking bacteriological parameters for our cultures are at expectations levels.

Microalgae are indispensable for the development of larvae in all marine organisms, and the use of fresh microalgae gives better results when pastes or powder are used because of their low pollution impact on the stock-rearing tanks.

Greensea products are perfectly suited for the nutrition of larvae of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and invertebrates, and are widely used by hatcheries, aquariums and experimental centers. They offer stability, comfort and security in terms of supply.

living phytoplankton

After harvesting, the concentration of microalgae is standardized. Packaging is carried out in a Nitrogen atmosphere. They are then refrigerated and kept at a temperature of 4°C. Their “best before” shelf life is 3 weeks at 10°C. Fresh microalgae concentrate can be used diluted or undiluted with its nutritional intact value, either in larval tanks where the sedimentation rate is very slow, or as direct feed for the target.

Packages of from 2 to 25 liters are available throughout the year and transport is refrigerated or by express carrier

There is a large variety of stock available:
– Tubes of 10ml
– A monospecific starter pack to avoid maintaining an algae room, minimum quantity 5 litres
– Concentrate from 5% to 10% monospecific product, quantities from 2 to 20 liters

  • Nannochloropsis
  • Chlorella
  • Phaeodactylum
  • Porphyridium
  • Tétraselmis


Brachionus strains (Small or Supersmall) are perfectly acclimatized. Packaged as a starter comprising 100 or 200 millions essentially fed on phytoplankton and cultivated in specific lots, our starter units, packaged in an atmosphere of oxygen, offer optimum quality during transport to your site.

– 10 ml volume of monospecific zooplankton
– 1 L volume containing 1 million individuals
– 5 to 20 L volume containing 100 to 200 millions respectively (express shipment).

dried phytoplankton

The desiccated product that we have on the market is subject to rigorous controls with audit of production sites. These products are assayed in terms of their main elements, their types of lipid, vitamins…

  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Shizochytrium
  • Mix

R&D activity in aquaculture nutrition

Study of requests for specific products generally, or in terms of active ingredients, pigments, attractant agents… Greensea strives to constantly develop new product lines, based on the identification of new strains and monitoring their nutritional quality in aquaculture or new formulations taking into account the nutrient inputs needed for farming.